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1 investigate scientifically; "Let's investigate the syntax of Chinese" [syn: look into]
2 conduct an inquiry or investigation of; "The district attorney's office investigated reports of possible irregularities"; "inquire into the disappearance of the rich old lady" [syn: inquire, enquire]

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  • /ɪn'ves.tɪ.geɪt/, /In"vEs.tI.gEIt/


  1. To inquire into.
  2. To examine.
to inquire into
to examine



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air, analyze, canvass, comment upon, consider, controvert, deal with, debate, deliberate, deliberate upon, delve into, dig into, discourse about, discuss, examine, exchange views, explore, fathom, go, go into, handle, indagate, inquire into, knock around, look into, pass under review, peer into, plumb, poke into, probe, pry, pry into, rap, reason, reason about, reason the point, research, review, scrutinize, search into, sift, sound, study, take up, talk, talk about, talk of, talk over, thresh out, treat, ventilate, winnow
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